glee lauren potter 'Glee's' Lauren Potter has had enough of the 'R word'“Glee” actress Lauren Potter, who plays cheerleader Becky Jackson (and Sue Sylvester’s right-hand girl) on the show, is standing up against people who use the word “retard.”

“Enough is enough,” she tells ET. “You’ve got to stop the R-word.”

The actress, who has Downs Syndrome, encourages fans to go to “They have tons of tools,” she says. “They’ll probably help you.”

“Glee” is wrapping up filming its season finale, and off-screen, Potter has some romance in her life. “His name is Sean. I don’t know if you guys heard the news about him,” she says. “He and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re dating.”

The show actually brought the two together. “He pursued me. He was asking his mom, ‘Oh mom, I’ve got to meet this Becky Jackson actor.’ He was adorable. He’s obsessed with Becky Jackson. He watches ‘Glee’ every day.”

He’s not her only fan — Jackson says she’s been stopped in restaurants and stores by fans looking for an autograph or a photo. “I’m like ‘Sure!’ I was so excited, so stoked,” she say. “I felt great. I was like a wanted woman.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie