lea michele jimmy kimmel 'Glee's' Lea Michele corrects Jimmy Fallon's 'Grey's Anatomy' mistake“Glee” diva Lea Michele had a very Berry moment on the May 4 episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

She came on after Fallon interviewed “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Ellen Pompeo. During Pompeo’s segment, Fallon mentioned that Pompeo’s “Grey’s” character is married to McSteamy.

“You made a mistake,” Michele said sharply after taking her place beside Fallon. “You said McSteamy. It’s McDreamy.” Oh, Rachel Berry. Never one to let anyone else’s mistakes go unnoticed.

As it turns out, Michele is a huge “Grey’s Anatomy” fan herself. “I’m literally shaking right now,” she said after meeting Pompeo backstage. She revealed to Jimmy that after she completed her Broadway run on “Spring Awakening,” she moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of playing a car crash victim on “Grey’s.” She never thought she’d land something like “Glee.”  “I was always told I didn’t look the right way for television,” she says. “I was too ethnic.”

Michele filled Fallon in on her slushie facial plight. “We use real slushies! It’s so cold I literally have to recover for days,” she says. “I look like ‘Avatar’ afterwards, too. It stains my body and drips down and then when I take off my clothes my entire body is covered in blue. The only way to get it off is to cover yourself with Gilette shaving cream. It’s like a whole disaster.”

Considering “Glee’s” popularity, Gilette might want to start marketing its product as a slushie-remover.

Michele also talked to Fallon about her favorite song from “Glee” and gushed about her love for the movie “Almost Famous.”

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