mark salling lea michele 'Glee's' Mark Salling and Lea Michele dating? Sure, why not?Zap2it comes down firmly on the side of Mark Salling. What can we say? We’re suckers for a mohawk and a musical tribute.

And it seems others are coming around to our way of thinking as well.

After months of speculation that “Glee” stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were getting a little closer, now eyes are peeled on another possible “Glee”-ful pairing: Lea and Mark. reports that the couple was seen “getting cozy in a corner” back in November after the “Twilight: New Moon” premiere.

]]>And they were photographed with their arms wrapped around each other on the red carpet at FOX’s all-stars party on Monday (Jan. 11) night. Of course, if that means they are definitely a couple, there were a lot of stars at the party who have a lot of explaining to do. Especially “House’s” Lisa Edelstein. What a little slut! Kidding. Still, take a look at who was holding whom at the party and tell us what you think. New love connection or merely friendly co-workers? And if you were Lea, who would you choose: Puck or Finn … er, Mark or Cory? Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news
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