matthew morrison album 'Glee's' Matthew Morrison has a solo album, looks like a creep recording itFor those of you who think the success of “Glee” might have gone to Matthew Morrison‘s head, here’s proof positive that he’s still just a regular guy. Just look at him walk the streets of New York, guitar in hand.

]]>Vulture points us to an interesting dichotomy. When Morrison sings, he’s pretty much Mr. Schue. But when he’s talking about his craft, he’s the semi-goatee’d captain of the U.S.S. Child Molester. He’s not Johnny Depp’s rogue pirate, but more Orlando Bloom’s awkward older brother. Let’s hope the “I’m on vacation and don’t have to shave” look doesn’t make it to the album cover.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell