lamarcus tinker amber riley glee 'Glee's' Mercedes gets a boyfriend: Meet LaMarcus TinkerWe’ll just get this out of the way first: if you don’t know who LaMarcus Tinker is, we feel bad for you, because it means that you missed out on not only the perfection that was “Friday Night Lights,” but also a whole lot of “Cougar Town” laughs.

EOnline reports that Tinker has snagged a coveted role on “Glee” as the new boyfriend of Mercedes (Amber Riley). There are some conflicting reports as to whether his name is Marcus or Bubba — we’ve got our fingers crossed for Marcus, because Bubba is just… too much.

[EDIT: Fox confirms that it is, indeed, Marcus. Phew.]

While we’re super excited to see Tinker at McKinley High, we’re also still a little sad about the circumstances that have left Mercedes without a certain trouty-mouthed secret boyfriend. Sam Evans, you will be missed.

It also makes us curious as to how the winner of “The Glee Project” will fit into the McKinley mix, as executive producer Ryan Murphy told reporters this spring that while taping the show and viewing auditions for potential additions to the “Glee” cast, he often thought, “How will that guy be with Amber?”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie