naya rivera 'Glee's' Naya Rivera talks upcoming solo album: 'I'm really excited'

It seems like “Glee’s” breakout star Naya Rivera is more than prepared for the hit show’s upcoming casting changes. The 24-year-old, who plays HBIC and sexually confused Santana Lopez, recently signed a record deal and talked to EW about what fans can expect from her debut album.

“I won’t have anything I’m working on until after the tour is over,” Rivera says. “So July 4th, when I get back home in L.A., is when I’ll hunker down and spend that whole month hammering out the details and the creative process of that. I’m really excited about that.”

River wouldn’t reveal too much about her debut album, but says, “I know what I sound god on, and I know what I like to write. I’ve been writing for years, so I have a catalog of songs that I’ve written over the years and it’s just a matter of getting with the right producers and other writers to develop the sound that is me.”
Are you excited for Rivera’s solo album, Zappers?
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