glee thriller fox 'Glee's' next tribute episode: Michael JacksonRyan Murphy has maintained an unusually mysterious position on the subject of the next “Glee” tribute episode, but now we know who the McKinley High kids will pay tribute to next: Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop is the subject of Season 3’s sole tribute episode (in the vein of Madonna and Britney Spears). According to TV Guide, the January 24 episode will feature around a dozen of Jackson’s biggest hits.
The reason it took so long to announce is because Murphy spent a great deal of time convincing Jackson’s family that the show would pay the appropriate respect. According to TV Guide, it paid off — he now has “their enthusiastic support.”
Interestingly, the cast covers two Jackson numbers in tonight’s episode (Dec. 6), with Tina, Kurt and Mike doing the Jackson 5’s “ABC” and Finn, Puck, Blaine and Mike singing “Man in the Mirror.” (A lotta Mike Chang this week, awesome.)
Frankly, this news is unsurprising (what other pop music giant can you think of that deserves such a big tribute), but 100 percent welcome. The MJ covers are some of our favorite “Glee” tunes, and considering Jackson’s entire catalog is full of gems, the episode should be packed with some awesome numbers.
Are you happy that “Glee” is doing a Michael Jackson tribute episode?
Posted by:Jean Bentley