lea michele jonathan groff 'Glee's' Rachel and Jesse meet again: Watch 'Rolling in the Deep'Adele is taking over “Glee” — and we love it!

You already know how excited we are at Zap2it for the return of Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) and for his highly anticipated “Rolling in the Deep” duet with Rachel (Lea Michele). Now we can watch the duo do what they do best in this just-released clip from tonight’s May 10 episode.

It gives us the chills – in a good way. How very Jesse to show up just in time to break into song. We must say, though, we’re thrilled that Rachel gives him a bit of a brush-off. After all, he was basically awful to her right up until the very end of their relationship… not that we didn’t love watching their tireless shenanigans play out.

Groff returns just in time for the McKinley High prom. Can he win Rachel back in time to give her the prom of her dreams? We don’t know… and honestly, we don’t care. These two shouldn’t talk. They should just sing and sing and sing forever.

Watch the performance below and check out how Ms. Berry has grown over the last year. Not too long ago she would’ve thrown herself at him for his perfect harmonizing alone.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie