rhgs 'Glee's' 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' exceeded our antici ........ pationFor Halloween, “Glee” put on their version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” As fans of both the 1975 movie and the stage production, our antici …… pation was high, but the episode far exceeded any expectations we had going in.

As far as plot goes, it was interesting to us as “Glee” fans that the Will-Emma-Carl love triangle was the catalyst for the “RHPS”-themed episode. It surprised us at first that Emma was a “RHPS” fan, but by the time Will gave his speech at the end about “Rocky Horror” being for outcasts, we were sold.

The theater in our hometown did a midnight showing every Halloween and it was run by “outcasts” — people we remember who were in high school when we were in junior high who were definitely “different.” But every year they were at the theater handing out bags filled with newspapers, squirt guns, toast and every other prop for the show you can think of, dressed to the nines in “Rocky Horror” garb and ready to auction off the “RHPS” virgins.

sweet transvestite 'Glee's' 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' exceeded our antici ........ pationOur mom (a fan of the show herself, having seen it first as a stage production in London in the ’70s) let us go finally when we were 16 and we’ve never looked back. It’s a phenomenal experience and “Glee’s” acknowledgment that “Rocky Horror” is for outcasts was a wonderful sentimental cherry on top of an already rich sundae of an episode.

Moving on to the actual production – wow. Just wow. We squealed and clapped in delight no less than six times during the episode.

“Dammit, Janet” was adorable, as was Finn’s body image issues and Sam’s hilarious advice. We also loved how the show worked a few numbers into rehearsals so that we got more of a showcase. John Stamos‘ “Hot Patootie” would have stolen the show, if the rest of the cast weren’t amazing. It was so much fun – we had forgotten just how talented a singer and a dancer he is.

toucha 'Glee's' 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' exceeded our antici ........ pationBut what really blew us away was Kurt as Riff Raff, Mercedes as Dr. Frank-n-furter and Emma’s “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me.” First off, it’s a shame this was just a 45-minute episode using “Rocky Horror” as a theme because we are now convinced Chris Colfer would absolutely kill as Riff Raff.

Secondly, while Tim Curry is always the no. 1 Dr. Frank-n-furter, Amber Riley‘s take on “Sweet Transvestite,” even with the words edited for TV, was gorgeous and brilliant.

And having Jayma Mays‘ Emma take on the Susan Sarandon “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me” classic was just superb. The sexual tension between her and Will is already there and frankly, we’d begun to miss that storyline. She was spot on.

rhps intro 'Glee's' 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' exceeded our antici ........ pationThoughts and Tidbits

  • They hit on all the great songs from the show — including the lips at the beginning. Who was that? Our bet is on Santana. Who do you think it was?
  • Speaking of Santana, her and Brittany being in the window during “Toucha” doing the lines of Magenta and Columbia was amazing. Just one of those little things that made the episode over-the-top great.
  • When they finally did “Time Warp” at the end, we wish there had been time to do the entire thing, but it was fantastic nonetheless. We particularly liked Tina getting to show off her tap-dancing skills.
  • The cameos of Meat Loaf and Barry Bostwick (both stars of the original film) was a nice treat.

What did you think of the episode, “Glee” fans? We were over the moon about it, but that may just be our “Rocky Horror Picture Show” geekiness coming through.

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