glenn beck gi 320 Glenn Beck creating his own conservative version of 'Glee'Like the idea of “Glee” but think it’s too debaucherous? Want your song-and-dance numbers to be even squeakier and cleaner? Then you’ll possibly love Glenn Beck‘s new show, a conservative, family friendly anti-“Glee” of sorts.

The TV talking head told folks at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington on Friday (June 15) that he’s been working on a conservative version of the FOX hit.

“It’s horrifying some of the things that they’re teaching high schoolers,” Billboard quotes Beck as saying to the crowd. “But it’s brilliantly done. It’s produced, brilliantly. Its music, brilliant. Its acting, brilliant. Its cinematography, brilliant. All of it!”

Beck says he’s spent a year “trying to put together a push-back with artists, with music. But not the stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music.”

Want to see the show and find out what artists he is working with? He’ll debut it at his “Restoring Love” event in Dallas in July.

Posted by:Jean Bentley