glenn beck spitzer Glenn Beck launches clothing line for charity... seriouslyHow do you feel about wearing a Glenn Beck original?

The political pundit, who recently told radio listeners that his family was attacked in New York by some people who really don’t like conservatives, has launched 1791: The Original Blueprint. THR reports that proceeds from the clothes will be donated to help families in need after natural disasters as well as other causes.

So just what does one wear when one wears Glenn Beck?

glenn beck clothing logo Glenn Beck launches clothing line for charity... seriously1791 is going for the all-American look with polo shirts and long-sleeved button downs. The logo is a crown over a skull, and the minimal website displays similar images, including a profile of George Washington and a merit badge.

Ever the patriot, Beck plans to manufacture the clothing in the US to help create jobs in struggling communities. He even refused to work with one designer who said that the clothes would have to be manufactured overseas.

As for the name of the label. Beck told Bill O’Reilly, “That’s when the Bill of Rights happened. [We] need to go back to the
original blueprint. And so the clothing will actually have things all
over inside the clothing to remind you of — to go back and be who you
are supposed to be.”

Beck says he hopes to do for clothing what Paul Newman did for delicious salad dressing. Okay, he didn’t use those exact words.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie