Angels in Waiting attorney Gloria Allred has told "The Today Show" that Nadya Suleman’s babies are in danger.

"The whole issue is an issue of security," Allred said this morning. "Our nurses were rightfully concerned about security. After all, Nadya had told the world where she lives, when those babies are coming home. As a result, hundreds of reporters came. Her home is easily locatable on the Internet as a result of her doing daily blogs."

She adds that two intruders came into the home!

"In one case, she had one of our nannies call 911 to report the intruder because she was concerned she had done too many 911 calls," she said.

A baby could be abducted, Allred said. But instead of improving security, Nadya spent money on putting in a jacuzzi.

Asked if those babies are in danger, Allred said, "In the nurses’ view, yes. That is why they filed three reports."

Allred denied Suleman’s claims that the AIW nurses wanted Nadya to fail, not succeed.

"How can she succeed if she is subjecting her babies to potential risks of harm, if she doesn’t come into the nursery to feed her own babies, to hold them, to bathe them, to change them, to love them, to bond with them … except when the cameras are rolling?" Allred asked. "That’s wrong."

That’s SO wrong. Right?

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