glory daze cast 320 'Glory Daze' Freshman Orientation: Meet the 1986 pledge classWhat happens when you combine “Animal House,” “Freaks and Geeks,” and “Greek” — then shake it up and pour it into a beer bong so massive it’s referred to as The Beast?

You get TBS’s newest hour-long comedy, “Glory Daze,” about the perils of being a college freshman in 1986. Zap2it stopped by the Pasadena set of the new series to chat with the hilarious stars and take a step back into the ’80s.

“Glory Daze” follows four students in particular as they pledge the Omega Sig frat house, where beer flows from the sink taps and bad guacamole is the darkest of sins.

glory daze blatz 'Glory Daze' Freshman Orientation: Meet the 1986 pledge classJoel Harrington is played by Kelly Blatz, “Joel grew up pretty sheltered in this all-boys Catholic school,” Blatz says. “His dad has always wanted him to be a doctor.

He’s from a very middle class family, and his dad worked hard to get him to go to college.” Initially, Joel has every intention of staying on the straight and narrow. He wants to make his parents proud and honor his upbringing. That’s before he realizes the potential of college girls. “He’s never been exposed to parties and girls, so he sort of has to realize that college isn’t just about academics. It’s also about becoming a man.”

Classic Joel quote:
“This is not the first time I’ve sat next to a girl. I’ve sat next to lots of girls. I love it.”

glory daze hartley 'Glory Daze' Freshman Orientation: Meet the 1986 pledge classJoel meets baseball star Brian Sommers (Hartley Sawyer) on his first day at Hayes. “Although he looks like the athlete and is the jock, he’s just not that into it, you know?” Sawyer says. “He doesn’t get along with the baseball team and he doesn’t even really like baseball that much.  He’s got to find people who are his fellow outcasts, I guess, before he can break out of his shell.”

Classic Brian quote: “If my dad taught me one thing it’s that baseball comes first, second, and third.”

glory daze drew seely 'Glory Daze' Freshman Orientation: Meet the 1986 pledge classWe absolutely love Jason Wilson, played by Drew Seeley – yes, the guy who did all of Zac Efron’s singing on the first “High School Musical.” (You know you love it.) He’s the only one in our merry band of miscreants who comes to school with a girlfriend. “I almost lose her in every episode,” Seeley laughs. He’s the most conservative of the bunch, insisting that grace is said in the dining hall. This guy definitely irons his jeans. “I have my five year plan and I’ve got it all figured out and then I fall in with this group of fun guys,” Seeley says. “I’m very resistant whenever these hijinks happen. I’m always the first one to say ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ but I have a bond with these guys that I didn’t really have before.”

Classic Jason quote: “I love Ronald Regan and monogrammed pajamas and as I learned last night, I’m also a sucker for an industrial beer bong. With nine hoses.”

glory daze eli 'Glory Daze' Freshman Orientation: Meet the 1986 pledge classFinally, there’s Eli Feldman (Matt Bush), whose hormones could put Jim Levenstein to shame. “Eli wants that college experience like you have in a movie,” Bush tells us. “He sees, like, ‘Animal House’ and he wants to reinvent himself as a ladies man and get a lot of women and party hard. He gets so excited that he shoots himself in the foot a lot.” Despite his bravado and tendency to get the whole group in trouble, Eli is always endearing. “He just loves these guys. He loves the fraternity and just is all about it. This is his dream,” Bush says.

Classic Eli quote: “My penis is pleased to meet you.”

“Glory Daze” brings all the laughs of our favorite college movies and kind of makes us miss lukewarm beer and sticky frat house floors. The whole show is woven with nostalgic touches that both you and your dad will get a kick out of.

“There are lot of great sweaters and loafers. Awesome hair. Cool sneakers. Really good music,” Blatz says. The music is practically a main character on this show — perfect placement of “Relax (Don’t Do It)” brings the story to life.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t really notice too much now that it’s eighties,” Seeley adds. “In my real life now I’m like tucking in my shirt. This is not weird anymore, it’s every day.”

“You’re a weird dude,” Sawyer laughs, and in the background, Blatz and Bush spontaneously break out a complicated secret handshake as if they can read each others’ minds.

Best friends, and it’s only the first semester! Tune in to the premiere of “Glory Daze” Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST. All the fun of college… minus the hangover in your 8 a.m. Psych lecture.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie