Yes, it’s come to this…..

Tori Spelling hit the Talent Lounge backstage at the American Music Awards to get a free hairdryer.

Yup, that’s life in LA. One minute you”re a TV millionaire’s daughter. The next, Dad’s dead, Mom’s got all the moola, you’re pregnant, certifiably poor (by Hollywood standards) and married to some handsome dork who keeps tattooing your name and likeness all over his body. Daddy Dean McDermott, by the way, was backstage with his preggers meal ticket, er.. sorry, love of his life, picking out a few pairs of free Solstice sunglasses. Nothing but the best for my girl, huh, Dean?

But wait, there’s more celebrity sell-outs…

Photo Credits: Tori, Tori, Tori. Have some pride. Shop at Target like the rest of us.
Mike Guastella/WireImage


Kathy Griffin and Lionel Richie going ga-ga for free hair tools at the AMA’s?

Kathy, I get. She’s always been an air head for free shite. But Lionel? He’s a gosh darn Oscar and Globe-winning singer. No, Lionel, no! Put the freebies down and walk away!  Leave with your pride.

Photo Credits: Griffin does a two-fer blow job and Richie smiles as he sells his soul for a scalp massager.
Mike Guastella/WireImage

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