“Good Morning America’s” Amy Robach‘s struggles with cancer have continued to get harder since she was diagnosed with breast cancer after her on-air mammogram. After getting a double mastectomy, she found out the cancer had spread to her lymphnodes and she now needs to begin chemotherapy.

It’s a hard diagnosis to receive, but one Robach says she is partially prepared for because of one of her coworkers: Robin Roberts. Roberts successfully defeated the cancer in 2008, and Robach knows she can do the same.

“I saw Robin do it,” she says during an interview on “GMA,” confirming she will continue to work during her treatment. “You give me strength, Robin.”

Over Thanksgiving, Robach said her family went around the table and said what they were thankful for. That’s when it sank in for her to be thankful for what she still has.

“Some people have it harder than I do, so I will take it hour by hour,” she says. “It’s good to know that you get to be thankful to be alive.”

Robach begins her chemotherapy on Dec. 16. She’s learned that her story has encouraged others to go out and get mammograms, which she says she is grateful for. She has also learned her own lessons from this experience.

“What it forces you to do is live in the moment and I think that’s a good lesson for everyone,” Robach says. “There are days where if you really start to let your mind wander, it’s fairly devastating. But, you keep your head together. You come into work. You hug your friends and you’re thankful to be where you are with your family and the people who matter.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz