go-on-fast-breakup.JPG“Go On” has a new timeslot for its final two episodes of the season, so after “The Office” on Thursday (April 4) you’ll have the pleasure of seeing Matthew Perry dressed as a basketball.

Ryan (Perry), it seems, becomes jealous of the new KBAL mascot in Thursday’s episode, “Fast Breakup” — but not so much that he’s above putting on the costume. He’s having trouble processing a message from a drunk-dialing Carrie (Allison Miller), so he turns to Lauren (Laura Benanti) for advice.

Lauren, in turn, is having serious doubts about going through with her marriage, and he offers his thoughts on what she should do. Somewhat surprisingly to both of them, the advice on both sides is pretty sound — though neither one of them is ready to deal with it in person.

“Go On” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC. Take a look at the clip:

Posted by:Rick Porter