Ryan King’s recovery from the death of his wife may hit a rough patch in Tuesday’s (Oct. 2) episode of “Go On.” Having visions of your late spouse qualifies as rough, right?

As Zap2it first reported in August, Christine Woods (“Perfect Couples”) is playing Ryan’s (Matthew Perry) wife, Janie, and Tuesday’s episode will offer our first look at her (not counting a couple photos in Ryan’s grief collage last week). As you can see in the exclusive clip above, Ryan is a little weirded out to have her back in his life.

“Go On” creator Scott Silveri says he wanted viewers to actually see Janie so they could have a better sense of who she was and why Ryan misses her. It will also (although not so much in this scene) give Ryan a chance to act romantic.

“You want to be realistic and respectful of the subject matter, so we don’t want to throw the guy into a relationship,” Silveri told us in August. “But at the same time it’s part of human experience. So it’s nice to see him just flirting with someone. It lightens things a little bit.”

“Go On” airs at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday on NBC. 

Posted by:Rick Porter