go-on-videogame-set-match.JPG“Go On” returns to NBC Tuesday (Nov. 13) after a two-week break — and the first episode back is one of the best the series has done so far.

It’s called “Videogame, Set, Match” and revolves heavily around the relationship between Ryan (Matthew Perry) and Owen (Tyler James Williams), who recognized each other as kindred spirits in their therapy group early on but haven’t spent a ton of time together outside the group.

That changes when Ryan offers Owen an internship at his radio station — a nice gesture that goes somewhat awry for the characters. It’s a good thing for the audience, though, because Williams and Perry have very good comedic chemistry.

“It’s been great,” Williams (“Everybody Hates Chris”) says of working with Perry. “The good thing is, the way it’s written, we have a lot to play off of with each other. Owen and Ryan are I think [two] of the few characters in this group that realize the people in this group are absolutely crazy. And, you know, in some sense they realize they need them, but [they] wouldn’t necessarily want to be around them if this wasn’t the situation. It really allows us to kind of play off of each other. …

“So that’s been really fun, and you know he’s been a really supportive and giving actor, and he’s always there and he’s always present. It just makes our jobs that much easier when there’s not a lot of ego involved.”

Tuesday’s episode also lets Williams and Perry explore the more emotional side of the show as it delves into the reason Owen is in the Transitions group — his brother’s in a coma. It also introduces his mother (guest star Vanessa Bell Calloway) and gives the audience a sense of Owen’s home life, which Williams says was a bit of a surprise to him.

“I was kind of talking to the writers and they hadn’t quite decided, you know, what was his family situation,” Williams says. “So I just had to go off of what I had already so I didn’t end up building something that later on I had to fix. … And now with the introduction of the mom, Owen becomes much more well-rounded. As the season goes on, as soon as I was able to latch onto that information, you know, he starts to smooth out the edges a bit.”

“Go On” airs at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter