Nine years after the end of “Friends,” Monica and Chandler — er, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry — haven’t lost their chemistry.

That’s evident from watching this sneak peek of Tuesday’s (March 26) “Go On,” featuring Cox in a guest role as Talia, a woman Anne (Julie White) thinks Ryan (Perry) should get to know. The three meet for dinner, and it’s pretty clear even in an 84-second scene that there’s something there.

There’s even a bit of a callback to the “Friends” episode “The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry.” Anne attempts to talk up Ryan to Talia, who like them recently lost her spouse, by telling her they’ve cried together. Ryan protests, saying he hardly ever cries — until Talia notes how much she likes a sensitive guy.

One problem: During the dinner, Talia also gives some vibes to Anne, leading to a competition between Anne and Ryan.

“Go On” airs at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday on NBC — at least for this week. The show moves to 9:30 Thursdays for its final two episodes of the season on April 4 and 11.

Posted by:Rick Porter