matthew-perry-go-on-cats.JPGNBC employed the novel strategy of airing the “Go On” pilot not once, but three times, before the show’s official, time-period premiere Tuesday night (Sept. 11). So now that you’ve finally seen a second episode, what’s your verdict?

As with a lot of new shows and new comedies in particular, “Go On” still feels like a work in progress. Being honest about the losses its characters have suffered while still getting laughs out of how they handle it is a tricky thing. So far, the show seems to be walking the line pretty well, and it’s made a wise decision in not trying to hook up Matthew Perry‘s and Laura Benanti‘s characters too quickly — even if the laws of television dictate that they’re headed toward that point somewhere down the road.

As we said in our review, there’s a good deal of potential in the NBC show and in its particularly strong ensemble, which also includes John Cho, Tyler James Williams, Julie White and Suzy Nakamura. It’s a deep enough cast, in fact, that we could see stories not necessarily involving Perry’s character happening in the relatively near future.

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“He’s at the center of everything,” executive producer Jon Pollack says of Perry, “but what’s going to happen is we’re slowly going to wean ourselves off that. That’s the dream. There will never be a story we’re not going to want him to weigh in on … but eventually we’ll get to [that point].”

Adds creator and fellow EP Scott Silveri, “Already in the first couple of episodes, we’re reaching out a little. It’s, ‘OK, let’s do one scene without him. Let’s do a beat without him, and then he comes in.'”

That shows a confidence in both the cast and the writers’ grasp of their own material that could bode well for “Go On.” What do you think — will you make the show part of your regular rotation? Vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments.

Posted by:Rick Porter