reality steve johnny fairplay Go to 'Bachelor' blogger Reality Steve tells all to Zap2itThere’s no denying Reality Steve is the must-read site for “Bachelor” spoilers — the blog broke perhaps the biggest scoop in “Bachelor” history with the Jason, Molly and Melissa switcheroo heard ’round the globe. 

Now the reality show guru shares some insight with Zap2it on his rise to “Blogosphere ‘Bachelor’ King.”

Steve Carbone started writing about reality TV in 2001, when “Joe Millionaire” premiered on FOX. He calls it “the first crazy, over-the-top reality show.” When “Joe” ended, Steve found the next reality show he could write about — the original “Bachelorette” with Trista.

At first, Steve was just emailing recaps to his buddies for fun, but as people started forwarding his writing on, and those people kept asking to be added to his email list, suddenly he was emailing almost 350 people every week. Steve decided to start his own website and was born.

It’s no secret that Reality Steve has the inside dish on “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.” His site has detailed the entire season, down to very specific moments of the dates. Zap2it reached out to Steve to dish about his “Bachelor” scoops, just in time for the “Women Tell All” episode airing Monday, Feb. 22. (Watch a sneak peek here).

When did you start getting all these scoops?
The crazy thing is that didn’t start until basically a year ago, right around the Jason/Molly /Melissa thing. From Trista’s season up until Jason’s season, I was never a spoiler site. I didn’t care to look for information, I didn’t know about message boards and these sleuthers that like to solve things ahead of time. I just wrote about the show and was a smart-a** and would make my jokes and that was it. It wasn’t until last year on the Jason/Molly thing … I essentially became the defacto “Bachelor” authority. 

Where do you get your scoops?

The [Jason/Molly/Melissa] news fell into my lap, this information came to me. They find me. They know I’m an independent party here, I have no affiliation with ABC and I’m willing to expose the show.

What about this current season with Jake Pavelka as “The Bachelor?”

Going into the Monday, Jan. 4 premiere I had nothing on this season. The only thing I knew was about a group date in Hollywood at the comedy club. Then around 3 o’clock that afternoon someone came to me and basically told me the whole season. It was completely out of the blue, someone I had never spoken to before, a completely different source than someone who gave me the Jason/Molly/Melissa stuff.

You have multiple “Bachelor” sources?
I have more than probably five sources. More and more people are coming to me with tidbits here and there. I can tell if somebody’s lying to me. But I was so confident in my sources this year … I had no reason to doubt them, they had no reason to lie to me.

How do they contact you?
Most people email me. Some people contact me on Facebook first.

Are they any drawbacks to being the go-to spoiler site?

The one negative is I do get plenty of stuff I need to weed through. Every rumor I have to look into it and that gets annoying. I had somebody who told me two or three weeks ago that they watched the show with the lighting director and set dresser and the lighting director swore to this person that all four girls go to St. Lucia. I made a few calls and people were saying that was wrong so I didn’t print it. I feel like I’m almost obligated now to follow up on stuff.

Has ABC ever contacted you?

Not once. I’ve never gotten a phone call or an email or a text. I know that they know who I am, I know that they are bothered by what I do a little bit but in one way it draws attention to the show. I’m just telling what people are telling me. The ratings have gone up every week this season so what I’m doing isn’t hurting their show. The only thing Mike Fleiss could do is have one of his people contact me and pay me to shut up. If the number was high enough, I’d take it. It’s not that big of a deal to me to write this column. But it’s never gonna happen, I’m not that big of a deal for them.

Do you have scoops for shows other than the Bachelor?
No. I don’t like to be scooped, I don’t want to know the ending. This is the only show that I care to ruin because … the show is incredibly manipulative, it’s incredibly fake. It’s not what it’s presented to be, so the public has a right to know. Everybody knows that reality TV isn’t really real, but I don’t think they grasp how fake it really is. When you tell Jake, “Ali’s gonna call and here’s what you guys need to talk about,” you cease to be a reality show and you become a soap opera.

“The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” airs its “Women Tell All” episode Monday, Feb. 22 on at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC.

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