Dame_helen_mirren_as_the_queen_in_the_quEverybody wants to be the Queen these days. Or just dress like her.

That’s why one of the season’s hottest jackets-  in New York and London – is the Barbour "Beaufort" wax hunting jacket with corduroy collar and cuffs worn by Helen Mirren in "The Queen."

According to the film’s costume designer, Consolata Boyle, Mirren sports the classic British to-the-manor-born jacket (which costs around $395) in several scenes on the grounds of the royal Balmoral estate.

"It’s become quite the thing, I understand," Boyle said, chatting during a guild screening at the Harmony Gold. "I can understand it actually. It’s a very practical, no-nonsense jacket with lots of little zippers and pockets everywhere."

To accessorize your stalking outfit, may we suggest a rollicking pair of Wellies and a classic Hermes scarf, perferably with a horsey print.  There, that should do it. Now, off you go. But do be back in time for tea.

Posted by:LATimes