Paulliebersten_theoffice_s2_240Another jam-packed night on The Office, from Michael’s fun jeans to "He loves ketchup" to the really, really gross black light on the bed as the credits rolled.

But while Michael, Dwight, Jim, Michael 2.0 Josh, Jan and, uh, "Jane Doe" (Angela, you little tramp you) were all in Philly for a convention, the best action was back in Scranton, where the office found out that Pam was dating again.

Which brings us to Toby. Poor, beaten-down, supremely unconfident Toby, who seized his opportunity only to seize up at the moment of truth. The scene with him and Pam in the break room was just about perfect, and if we’re being honest here — and what are blogs for, if not that — I have to say my laughter was mixed with a sting of recognition. Have we not all been Toby at one point?

Other great things from the Pam’s-single line: Kevin’s "If I weren’t engaged, I would totally hit that." Aside from being quintessential Kevin, who knew he was engaged? Also, Phyllis and Stanley’s exchange about Pam putting out — that’s two bits of gold in a row from Leslie David Baker.

I really hope this story plays out for a while — there is a deep vein of uncomfortable comedy to be mined from Pam’s tentative steps back into the dating world.

And what about you, my fellow Dundies? Care to discuss the party in 308, "Hi, my name’s Creed," freedom fries, "Monkey" or any of the rest of it?

Posted by:Rick Porter