Bradleycooper_moto7_240A press tour session with the folks from Nip/Tuck is usually good for some news, and Ryan Murphy and Co. did not disappoint on Thursday.

As we’ve known since the end of last season, Drs. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) have relocated to Los Angeles, where they’ll struggle to establish their cosmetic-surgery practice. It’s also been reported that they’ll become consultants on a Nip/Tuck-esque show called Hearts and Scalpels. Bradley Cooper of Alias and Wedding Crashers fame will play the show’s star, "sort of the world’s biggest cad plastic surgeon."

"But it’s — it’s kind of like Nip/Tuck and not," Murphy says. "But it’s so bad that they hire our guys to sort of be the medical advisors, which is very fun and it’s in a weird way almost satiriz[ing] ourselves."

Murphy, who’s thin and has a shaved head, has also cast big, thick-maned Oliver Platt as the show’s producer — "me, in a weird way."

Though Sean and Christian have moved, the rest of the regular cast will eventually be joining them on the West Coast. Murphy insists that he’ll explain most of the reasons behind the wholesale migration.

"Some characters, they just show up and they’re here. Other characters, we have explanations of why they’re here," he says. "Roma [Maffia, who plays the docs’ anesthesiologist] shows up to support the doctors, as you would imagine she would. They double her salary. She’s not going to turn that down. Kelly [Carlson] and John [Hensley] show up through nefarious reasons. They have a great storyline here. Joely [Richardson] shows up to break some news about some adventures in her life and then ends up staying."

Julianmcmahon_niptuck_s4_240Nip/Tuck is doing 22 episodes this season, with the premiere scheduled for October. Murphy says he’s game for another year, although of course the final call rests with FX. Whenever the show does end, though, McMahon knows what he’d like to see.

"I always felt like the end-of-the-show show should be, like, a similar kind of scenario [to ‘Psycho’] where you see the footsteps and the shower runs, and you see Sean get in the shower, and he starts lathering up," McMahon says. "Then you see the door open and the creak and then coming through the kitchen. I always picture it as the old kitchen. We’ll have to go for a new kitchen. Then the shower springs open, and it’s Christian, and he goes, ‘Hey, baby. Finally we can be together.’"

Asked if he’d take that under advisement, Murphy says, "I will."

"I’ve pitched it to him many times," McMahon says. "He just shakes his head, ‘Absolutely not. They’re not gay, Julian.’"

Posted by:Rick Porter