Gold-Rush-Fred-Hurt-nugget.jpgAny TV show can offer hats, caps, water bottles, shirts and hoodies, and the official online store for Discovery’s Friday reality juggernaut “Gold Rush” has all that. But since this is a show about seeking a precious metal deep in the Earth, from Alaska to Canada to South America, there are also a few unusual things for the dedicated fan.

Gifts under $50

gold rush panning kit 'Gold Rush' gift guide: Going into the Glory Hole for real gold

Gold Rush Panning Kit ($39.95): If you think a patch of good ground is not within your grasp, you can still get a taste of gold mining at home with this kit. Included are a 12-inch gold pan, a glass vial for the gold (although the site says, “glass vile,” so maybe there’s a little subliminal gold-envy going on there), a snuffer bottle, a bag of pay dirt and a certificate of authenticity.
“Diggin’ in the Glory Hole” Journal ($12.95): Whether you’re going deep to find gold or some other elusive goal, this wire-bound, 160-page journal is just the place to record thoughts and plans.
Alaskan Mining Prospecting Coin (14.95): This bronze-alloy coin looks and feels like gold, and it even has a little gold nugget attached to it. It was minted in the historic Comstock Mining District in Dayton, Nev. The front of the coin features images of a pickaxe, shovel, pan, header-frame, front-end loader, mine cart and pneumatic drill. On the back is the “Gold Rush” logo.
Gold Rush Klondike Messenger Bag ($49.95): Made of raw-edged, dyed, 100-percent-cotton canvas with an enzyme wash — in designs for men, women and children — this bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, antique brass slider and D-ring, flap with magnetic snap (emblazoned with “Gold Rush” and “Klondike”) and side and zipped exterior and interior pockets.
Gifts under $100
Nugget ($84.95): Silver with embellishments of 24-karat gold, minted in the same place and featuring the same items as decoration as the coin above, but with a nugget affixed that actually comes from Alaska.
Gifts $100 and up

Alaskan Placer Gold Nuggets Necklace (one pennyweight $184.95; two pennyweights $294.95): The price varies according to how much gold you want. This necklace is a 14-karat gold-filled pendant containing metal from the areas where the “Gold Rush” crews mine. Also included is an 18-inch-long gold-enhanced chain and a “Gold Rush” story card.

Alaskan Mining Placer Gold Nuggets ($1,124.95): If you can’t get to Alaska but want to feel like a miner on a winning streak, this glass vial contains gold from the area when “Gold Rush” miners have worked, weighed out to 10 pennyweights, or one-half of a troy ounce. The vial is sealed and enclosed in a leather poke (what miners call where they put their stash), hot-stamped in gold foil with the show logo.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare