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Gold-Rush-Mine-Crew.jpgLast Friday, a new season of “Gold Rush” premiered on Discovery Channel, and as viewers saw, Todd Hoffman, his dad, Jack, and his hard-luck mining crew are still having to overcome obstacles on the way to their dream of a gold strike in Alaska.

Click here for a short syndicated story I did before the premiere, and below find more comments from Hoffman.

How he’s reacting to fame: “It’s really strange. My dad really loves it, because he takes the time to talk to everybody. My dad’s pure in heart. Me, it’s a little bit different, because I’m not as outgoing as my dad. So, a lot of people look at me, and they recognize me, but they can’t realize where they know me.

“They look at me like they’re old friends, and then I look at them, I say, ‘Hey, I’ve been inside your living room.’ Then they really give me a funny look. I’m a stalker, or I’m a reality-TV star, one of the two.

“My dad is so friendly and caring. He really does good with the whole thing. You know why we”re doing it. We have a message of hope and faith. So that’s why I do it. Neither of us ever really wanted to become television personalities. We didn’t really have that high on our lists.”

What he hopes to achieve this season: “Because of the emails and the comments and the people that come up to us, yeah, we got our message through, barely. That’s the main goal for this year. I was hoping to be able to get the message through a little bit better and then also to show a better example.”

On why he chose to go after gold:
“If you personally, at home, spent money like the United Gold-Rush-Todd-Hoffman.jpgStates spends money, you would be called, what? Bankrupt. So you and I have to balance our checkbooks, why shouldn’t everybody else in the world?

“So, you go to work, I go to work, but a lot of people don’t go to work. So, we’re out here, as a team, trying to do something, set an example, but also do something that we believe in. that is precious metal, the yellow precious metal that we dig out of the ground.

“I believe that is a more solid answer to building wealth than the promise of a paper dollar. That’s just how I feel, and there are millions of other people who feel the exact same way. They’re going to watch us do some things that straight kick a**.

“That’s the way it is.”

On what his quest means in context of the nation at large: “I wouldn’t be up here spending my last penny, trying to create a new income for my family if I didn’t, 100 percent, in my heart, believe that our country is on the train to destruction.

“And if we do not change our fiscal situation, we’re going to have a hard time feeding the country — I’m talking just with food.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare