goldbergs vs mtv 'The Goldbergs' Season 2 wants its MTV, but MTV says noSeason 1 of “The Goldbergs” hit on a fairly large number of 1980s artifacts, from “Return of the Jedi” to Reebok Pump sneakers. One big part of the decade’s culture, however, was strangely missing from the ABC comedy: MTV.

Creator Adam F. Goldberg says it’s not for lack of trying. “We wanted to use [MTV’s] old logos and videos in the pilot, but they rejected us,” he tells Vulture. “MTV said they wanted to look to the future, and not dwell on the past. I hope they change their minds and realize they defined my generation — and need to be celebrated.”

Goldberg also says he “couldn’t be happier” that the show is moving to Wednesday nights, between “The Middle” and “Modern Family,” for Season 2 (repeats will also air there throughout the summer). 

“We’ve always felt that in order for us to really break out, we have to be with ‘The Middle’ and ‘Modern Family,” he says. “I constantly heard that families had to DVR the show at 9 p.m. [on Tuesdays] because it was too late for their kid. Or, they didn’t discover it until last month because it wasn’t on family night.”

Because the show is set in “1980-something” rather than a specific year, Goldberg says the show’s teenage characters will remain the same age when Season 2 starts. The trigger for moving on-screen Adam (Sean Giambrone) up a grade will be when Sean’s voice starts to change. When that happens, an episode dealing with Adam’s bar mitzvah probably won’t be far behind.

“I would love to do a Bar Mitzvah episode,” Goldberg tells Vulture. “The question is: What is the right story that feels universal? This show is all about tapping into my painful childhood memories that we all had — so it’s just about finding a great way in. The song choice would have to be ‘One Moment in Time,’ by Whitney Houston. They played that like five times that night.”

Posted by:Rick Porter