golden corral dumpster meat Golden Corral leaves meat next to dumpster in employee video

In case you needed yet another reason to not eat at buffets, an employee of Golden Corral has come to the rescue with a video taken on his cell phone. He identifies himself as Brandon Huber and says he is an employee of the buffet chain in Port Orange, Florida.
Brandon says the restaurant was undergoing a health inspection at the time of the video, as he walks toward the dumpsters behind the building. What he finds inside is truly shocking: trays of unprotected food, including raw meat, sit next to the garbage.
Huber shows hamburger meat and racks of ribs, all raw, along with chicken, pot roast meat, gravy and casseroles. “This is what my company likes to do to get ready for inspection,” Huber says, “They like to put their food by the dumpster.”
Golden Corral says the manager who was responsible for the food being put near the dumpster was fired for not handling it properly. Eric Holm, who owns that particular Golden Corral, also says the food was not served to any customers and that Huber helped to dispose of it.

It’s been a bad year for food service, and Golden Corral is far from the only company to come under fire for their practices. In early June, Taco Bell made headlines with an employee was shown licking taco shells in a photo he posted online. However, the biggest shock came from Ireland during their horse meat debacle early in the year. Burger King admitted to serving hamburgers tainted with horse meat at some of their stores in the country.
Check out the Golden Corral video below:

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