rue mcclanahan golden girls 'Golden Girls': Rue McClanahan as Blanche DevereauxRue McClanahan, best known for her iconic role as Blanche Devereaux on “The Golden Girls,” passed away Thursday June 3 after a massive stroke. Though “The Golden Girls” ran from 1985-1992, it remains a pop culture staple, still regularly syndicated.

Alongside co-stars Betty White and the late Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty, McClanahan became a familiar face in homes across the nation as the free-spirited, promiscuous, and often vain Blanche.

Her hot temper and shrill voice were always good for a laugh. We love the clips below, which we think are classic Blanche. In the first clip, Blanche and Dorothy have it out over a man. “How childish to resort to name-calling, Jezebel!” she says coolly. In the second clip, Blanche is just so mad that she should scream… so she does.

Thank you for being a friend, Rue McClanahan! She is loved and will be missed.

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credit: Touchstone Television

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie