ricky gervais gg carpet 320 Golden Globes 2011: Ricky Gervais' monologue pulls no punches (thanks, Charlie Sheen)Every 2011 awards show host should just pre-emptively thank Charlie Sheen now for providing endless material. It’s particularly perfect because nobody even feels bad laughing at him, since he makes so much more money than everyone else in America.


So it’s no surprise that host Ricky Gervais kicked off Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony by taking a few easy potshots at the “Two and a Half Men” star – particularly pointing out that before his latest booze-fueled alleged porn star capture, he introduced the woman to his ex-wife, Denise Richards.

“As you do,” says Gervais.

The monologue was as no-holds-barred as can be expected of a man who takes the stage with a beer in hand. He mentioned the plethora of 3-D movies that hit theaters recently. “Everything this year was three-dimensional, except the characters in the Tourist,” comes the zinger. “I feel bad about that joke. I’m jumping on the bandwagon, because I haven’t even seen that movie. Who has?”

He noted that the airbrush artist who worked on the “Sex and the City” posters had his vote for best special effects. “Girls, we know how old you are,” he quips. “I saw one of you in an episode of ‘Bonanza.'”

Most of Gervais’ jokes went over well – with some help from his lawyers, who assisted with the carefully-worded joke abut gay scientologists. The only joke that didn’t fly was at the expense of one of our favorites, Hurley from “Lost.”

“It was quite a complicated finale. I’m not sure I totally understood, but from what I made out, I’m pretty sure the fat one ate them all.”

On that rather unfortunate note, Gervais conceded the spotlight to Scarlett Johansson. “Beautiful, talented, and Jewish, apparently. Mel Gibson told me that. He’s obsessed.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie