mark wahlberg getty Golden Globes 2011: 'The Fighter's' Mark Wahlberg's emotional reaction

With six Golden Globe nominations for Mark Wahlberg‘s “The Fighter,” the actor/producer says that this kind of success is “unbelievable.”
Wahlberg called into Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM radio show on Tuesday (Dec. 14) to discuss how thrilling it is this project to be nominated.
“The first thing I did was get down on my hands and my knees and thanked God for allowing me to get Mickey [O’Keefe] and Mickey’s story to the screen,” he says. “Then I called Mickey and he’s just ecstatic, you know. This guy’s had a long hard journey and to be immortalized in this way it means the world to them.”
Wahlberg has worked tirelessly to get this story to the screen. Training for four years without a studio greenlight on the film, struggling through script re-writes, financing and casting to only have 33 days of actual shooting. The result is incredible and the recognition certainly deserved.

In Wednesday’s (Dec. 15) episode of “The Early Show,” Wahlberg gets choked up when reminded of all the nominations his film garnered.
“Don’t make me cry, please … No, it’s insane. No, they’d be happy tears … It’s insane that we got the movie made and to have this kind of reaction, it’s just mind-blowing, it really is.” 

Along with his own nomination for best actor, the film is also up for best film, best supporting actor for Christian Bale, best director for David O. Russell, and best supporting actress for both Amy Adams and Melissa Leo.
“The Fighter” isn’t Wahlberg’s only success this award season. The HBO original series “Boardwalk Empire” earned itself three Golden Globe nominations, for which he is a producer.
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci