60175 Cindy McCain's alleged secret love affair! Do you buy it?Good grief. Is everyone in politics having an affair?

First, the National Enquirer reports that former Sen. John Edwards was having an affair with Rielle Hunter.

Turns out he was. And he finally admitted it a few months ago and apologized, etc., etc.

Then the tab reported that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had an affair with Todd Palin‘s friend and snowmobile business partner.

It’s still unconfirmed and based on conveniently unnamed sources.

Now the Huffington Post is reporting an Enquirer exclusive that alleges Cindy McCain, John McCain‘s wealthy meal ticket, er, beer heiress wife, er, devoted second wife and aspiring first lady, has been having an affair with some long-haired  ’70s rocker-looking dude.

And they’ve got a grainy photo to prove it!

I don’t know about this. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if buttoned-up Cindy had found happiness outside her stuffy, political marriage.  But I remain totally unconvinced by this story and its sources. And especially by this photo that looks like it was totally photoshopped and then had lots of "noise" added.

What about you? Is this just more liberal mudslinging? Are they kicking poor McCain when he’s down?

McCain’s political career may take a slow nose-dive after his defeat to Barack Obama. Let’s hope his marriage doesn’t too.

Photo: the National Enquirer

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead