Tori Spelling has made it a habit of sharing her Hollywood life in her various books and reality shows, and her new memoir “Spelling It Like It Is” is no exception. In a new interview that aired on “Good Morning America,” the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star talks about the perception that she’s broke, wanting more money from her father Aaron Spelling after he passed, and how she lost her most recent batch of baby weight.

“I am not broke, no,” she admits, though Spelling says she has had to seriously scale back her spending in recent years. As for her father’s will, she says, “I lost my father, I lost my hero, but did I think I would get more? Yes.”

But Spelling finally flaunts her last time in the title of her most recent book. “I should feel proud and be like I am Aaron Spelling’s daughter,” she says.

Of the baby weight that she lost after giving birth to her fourth child, Finn Davey, Spelling wants to make it clear that she didn’t starve herself. Initially she claimed she dropped the pounds by swimming, but she later revealed she simply dieted.

“Did I stop eating? No. I in no way shape or form did anything unhealthy for my body,” Spelling claims. “Jokingly I would say ‘stop eating’ diet.”

“Spelling It Like It Is” was released on Oct. 22.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz