good wife goliath and david 'Good Wife': Marilyn's baby daddy revealed, as Peter Florrick prepares for a scandal“The Good Wife” does not waste any time clearing up the cliffhanger from last year’s fall finale and it turns out to be pretty much what we thought it was, thankfully. Glad to see the show didn’t go the cliched right we were fearing it might.

It turns out Marilyn’s baby daddy is Peter Bogdanovich, the famous film director behind “The Last Picture Show” and “Paper Moon,” who cameos in the episode as himself. Random, to be sure, but it’s pretty delightful that he actually showed up in the episode.

The case of the week features “The Good Wife” taking on “Glee,” thinly disguised as the TV show “Drama Camp.” Matthew Lillard guest-stars as one half of an acoustic singing duo who are suing the TV network for the not-“Glee” show covering their cover of a popular rap song. F. Murray Abraham reprises his role as Burl Preston, the attorney for the TV network, which is a lot of fun.

The case is spiced up by Will offering his services to Preston because he knows how Alicia works — and Will likes nothing more right now than going up against Alicia in court. Will throws Alicia off her game, so she changes into the suit she had on the first time they slept together. It flusters Will considerably. Hee.

The case goes through variations of copyright infringement arguments and in the end, Robyn comes through with a big win for Florrick/Agos that proves “Drama Camp” stole the cover.

Meanwhile, in the on-going Damian vs. Kalinda storyline, Damian is not wild about Kalinda still digging into him, so he tells Jenna to follow Kalinda, even though Jenna and Kalinda are still seeing each other. Kalinda eventually has to break it off with Jenna, because she can’t have her girlfriend running to Damian with every detail of Kalinda’s life like some kind of spy.

At Lockhart/Gardner, Will is looking to open a Los Angeles office, but Diane is against it since they just opened up a New York office. She eventually acquiesces to Will’s wishes, which is very weird. Does she simply know he’ll fall on his face? Or does she know he’s still grieving the loss of Alicia and just wants to support his wild ideas?

Finally, the big bombshell at the end of the episode is what we’ve been waiting for all season — the surveillance footage of Big Jim Moody dropping off the tampered-with voting box. Who do you think was the anonymous tip? Was it Will? Would he go that far?

Best lines:

Burl: “What are you doing?”
Will: “Breaking up her rhythm, she hates it more than anything.”

Rowby: “This is so cool, right? It’s like jazz. It’s like legal jazz.”

What did you think of “The Good Wife’s” winter premiere?

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