the good wife season 4 finale 2 'Good Wife' Season 4 finale: Is Alicia leaving Lockhart Gardner?“The Good Wife” Season 4 came to a dramatic finish Sunday (April 28), leaving us with several questions going into Season 5.

First, let’s talk about that ending. We will admit to being completely fooled that Alicia was meeting Will — and we were rolling our eyes a bit. It’s not that we don’t like Will and Alicia together, it’s that we’re tired of the back and forth. She had her dalliance with him, now Alicia either needs to leave Peter and go with Will, or choose to remain with Peter. The back and forth has to stop.

Part of the masterful fake-out was the way they shot Alicia leaving the election party. It was such a good call-back to “Foreign Affairs,” the episode near the end of Season 2 where Peter wins the State’s Attorney election and Alicia leaves the party crying because she has just found out about his affair with Kalinda.

Luckily, it was not Will at her door. When we saw that it was Cary, we literally raised our arms in anticipation and when Alicia said she was in with him, we clapped our hands together and shouted, “YES!”

They’ve been teasing it all season, but we were having some serious doubts that the writers would go through with it. We figured they’d play it safe — have Cary leave to become Lockhart-Gardner’s new courtroom nemesis, just like when he went to the State’s Attorney’s office, and frankly, we thought that was going to be a very boring choice.

That will teach us to doubt this show.

Alicia and Cary starting their own firm is such a great way to freshen up the storylines, while still keeping Kalinda and Will in the picture at Lockhart-Gardner. As for Diane, we aren’t sure what is to become of her. She’s supposedly going to the Illinois Supreme Court, but if that’s the case, we feel like Christine Baranski would become a guest star and we don’t see that happening. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens with her.

The other big thing, obviously, is the election ballot box stuffing. Not only did that provide for a rather hilarious Case of the Week, with all the great guest stars and the running around to different courtrooms in the wee hours of the night, but it opened up such a meaty storyline for next season.

That scene with Will and Peter — do you think Peter had any idea about the ballot stuffing? We don’t think he did and here’s why. First, despite his many transgressions, we feel like Peter Florrick would want to win the governorship without any underhanded dealings. Maybe that’s not correct, or not how you see it, but we think that’s true.

But secondly, if he had known about it, he would have found a way to not go ahead with the court case, right? Surely Peter and/or Eli would have put the kibosh on that lest it reveal the votes for Peter were fraudulent.

What’s also interesting is that Will chooses not to reveal the evidence. Is it because he thinks Peter deserves to win? Or because he’s thinking if Peter wins, he’ll be working at least part of the time 200 miles away in Springfield? Sure, governors of Illinois are often Chicago-based, but Peter would have to be in the state capital sometimes and he would probably also have to travel more. Are Will’s motives that personal? Or does he just do it to spare Alicia the heartache?

Finally, when news broke that Peter won the campaign by nearly half a million votes and it turned out the polling was incorrect, our first reaction was, “Oh, well, those votes didn’t matter anyway.”

But after recovering from the awesome ending between Alicia and Cary, our next thought about that election was, “So, maybe that wasn’t the only ballot box that was tampered with.”

If polls suggested Peter and Kresteva were neck-and-neck and Peter pulled it out by 500,000 votes, why would we assume only those 30,000 were fraudulent?

The big question for us is — who orchestrated Peter’s win? We know big Jim Moody delivered the ballot box, but he doesn’t strike us as the brains behind the operation. And honestly, we don’t think it was Eli and/or Peter.

But now going into Season 5, Peter is governor, Will knows he stole the election (or someone stole it for him, because if we can make the leap that maybe more than one ballot box was tampered with, so can Will) and Alicia is no longer Will’s colleague (presuming the show doesn’t wimp out and find a way to keep Alicia at Lockhart-Gardner).

All in all, we declare this our favorite “Good Wife” season finale so far. It is hard for a show to reinvent itself, so we applaud this one for having the guts to do it and we are looking forward to next season immensely.

What did you think, “Good Wife” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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