google image atari breakout 37 easter egg Google Images Easter egg celebrates the 37th anniversary of Atari's Breakout game

Do you ever wonder if the computer geniuses at Google just sit around all day trying to think of cool new things to do on their search sites? When the company releases a crazy Easter egg, it kind of seems that way. Is there any other explanation for the fun game of Breakout — an Atari game celebrating its 37th anniversary — that appears in the Google Image search?

The way you get to the game is simple. Go to Google Images and type in “atari breakout.” At first, you see a bunch of screen captures from the game itself, but then each of the images shrinks into little, colored blocks. A bar appears at the bottom of the screen, bouncing a ball into the blocks above.

In case you’ve never played this classic, the point of the game is to remove all of the blocks by hitting each with the ball. It’s not terribly complicated, but “Breakout” is a lot of fun anyway.

Released by Atari in 1976, Breakout was meant to be a single-player follow-up to the company’s hugely successful Pong. The game appeared first as a standalone arcade console and was later adapted for multiple computer and video-game platforms.

The Google version is just one more to add to the list.

Posted by:Laurel Brown