google election doodle Google's Election Day doodle and Facebook tell you where to voteThe United States is still probably a ways away from letting voters cast their ballots online. But on this Election Day, at least you can turn to the Internet to see where to vote.

Google’s homepage features an election-themed doodle that, if you click it, takes to to a search page for “Where do I vote.” It allows you to enter the address where you’re registered and offers links to local registrars and other voting-related sites.

Facebook has a similar tool to help you find your polling place. Its U.S. Politics app has a polling place locator (powered by Google competitor Bing) that will show you a map of your voting location after you enter the address where you’re registered. Both sites also have info on voting hours.

Of course, you could also just find your sample ballot and look for the information there.

Posted by:Rick Porter