Gossip-Girl-cast.jpgDear Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage:

We’d like to thank you both for cooking up two-and-a-half seasons of smart social commentary mixed with everything from teen sex to drugs to cat fights to adulterous relationships sprinkled with a whole lot of scandal. “Gossip Girl” is one delicious guilty pleasure and we’ve savored every second of it.

When season 3 picks back up on Monday night, Mar. 8, we hope to see all the trimmings that make your teen-centric drama a hit. But … we do have a few little requests — some that we think could spice things up and others that will hopefully prevent a “GG” burnout.

1. A return of the bad Bass. The dark and mysterious Chuck Bass is perhaps the most intriguing character on the show and steals every single scene he’s in (that is, in our humble opinion). Stephanie, we know you’ve promised a “very emotional” storyline for Mr. Bass when the show returns, but we also want to see more of him as the brooding bad boy we fell in love with in the first two seasons. Love has made him a little soft; we think it’s time to toughen Chuck up again.

2. Less NYU, more NYC. “Sex and the City” had it right when they made New York City the fifth main character on the show. The Big Apple has so much more to offer than a college campus, and we want to see a return to the “GG” characters living it up in the city that never sleeps (instead of putting us to sleep with some of the snoozer frat-tastic/dorm-centric storylines we saw last fall). Josh, we gave a sigh of relief when we recently saw that you went on record saying that future “GG” episodes will focus less on NYU. Fingers crossed.

3. Give Little J a bigger role. We don’t think we see enough of Constance Billard’s new head Mean Girl. We love that the devilish Damien has crashed Manhattan to lead Jenny down an even darker road (we all knew she had it in her – she just needed the proper (mis)guidance), and we’re counting on the littlest Humphrey to really stir things up when Season 3 continues. So Josh and Stephanie, we hope you give Jenny and her extra juicy storyline (that has all the fixings of the “GG” we know and love) more air time than we’ve seen in the past.

4. Make us care about Lily and Rufus . For us, the whole “we have a secret son” storyline didn’t really float our boat. And the lackluster romance between Scott (the son) and Vanessa seemed pretty forced. Pretty much every time Lily and Rufus are on-screen talking about chili, it’s our cue to take a break and download some new tracks from iTunes while we wait for the next Chuck and Blair scene.

5. Nix the Dan and Vanessa romance, pronto. This reminds us of when “Friends” tried to pair Rachel and Joey together. Awkward! Yes, we realize that their former partners, Serena and Nate, are off the market for now … but maybe Dan and Vanessa should just hang solo until Serenate inevitably breaks up? I mean, we all know Dan and Serena will eventually get back together, right? Right??

Again, we love the show, and no matter if you take our advice or not, we’ll be right there eating it all up ’til the end. You better believe we’ll be glued to our TV on Monday night, Mar. 8 when “The Hurt Locket” airs.
To get a sneak peak at some of the upcoming “Gossip Girl” drama, watch the trailer below:

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Posted by:Christine Law