lauring harring chuck 'Gossip Girl': A modern day 'Dynasty'? Chuck's TV mom thinks so.Laura Harring might have had a short-lived stay on “Gossip Girl” as
Chuck’s “is she or isn’t she?” mom, but she loved every minute of being a
part of the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite — and tells us the
show brought back memories of “Dynasty.”

“It reminded me a little of the shows that were on TV years ago,” the
actress tells Zap2it. “You know, the scandalous shows … like
‘Dynasty’ that were all about the clothing and the scandals and the
betrayals — you know, all that stuff that makes a show really juicy.”

The show might be all juicy scandals and betrayals, but Harring says
the cast was nothing but warm and welcoming when she came onboard.

“Pretty quickly, I was taken in, like I’d been a regular for a while. That was really nice, and that surprised me.”

Harring grew especially fond of Ed Westwick, who plays the brooding Chuck Bass, her character’s son.

“It was just wonderful to work with him because the mystery he brings
to this character. I told him from the beginning, you are perfect for
this character,” she says.

And Harring should know.

“I’ve studied in boarding school in Switzerland, and I saw a lot of
young men like Chuck,” says Harring. “They’re looking for the path to

To further compliment her TV son, she added, “He brings that kind of
rebellious bad boy quality with some aloofness and mystery that James
Dean had.”

The Mexican-American actress and former Miss USA (1985) also gave a nod to Leighton Meester, who plays the ever-quotable Blair Waldorf.

gossip girl leighton meester laura harring 500 'Gossip Girl': A modern day 'Dynasty'? Chuck's TV mom thinks so.“Leighton is so funny. Her sense of humor is adorable, and we were
giggling all the time,” Harring tells us. “I was very endeared … because
she’s in the press all the time, so I always thought she’d be, you
know, a little bit guarded, and she just warmed up beautifully.”

We asked Harring if she would be returning to the show down the road, at which point she got a little tight-lipped.

“I don’t know. That’s a big mystery.”

She then explains that the producers actually like to keep it that way.

“The first day that I worked, the executive producer told me it was
either going to go one of two directions. So I was the only one that
knew, and everyone was kind of asking me and it was a big mystery as to
what my character, you know, who she was and what she was doing.”

A rep from The CW tells us that Harring won’t be back this season, but
her personal rep says there are talks to have her return next season.

And from hearing Harring’s enthusiasm about her experience on set and
admiration for the cast (whose “chemistry was great on set and off,”
she says), we have no doubts she’d return to the show faster than Blair can throw out a witty one-liner.

In her words, “It’s the juiciest entertainment out there. Why not indulge?”

Do you think “Gossip Girl” is a modern-day “Dynasty”?  Or do you even understand that reference?

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