For those of you hoping that Chuck is the father of Blair’s baby, he might just be. Or perhaps it’s Louis. This is your week to find out.

[And now, your regularly scheduled spoiler alert]

The future princess received the results of her paternity test, but Blair’s (Leighton Meester) not so eager to actually read them. After a little coercion and a bit of introspection and a little more coercion, she opens the results and finds out it’s Louis’ (Hugo Becker) baby. When Blair finally breaks the news to Chuck  (Ed Westwick), she says, “There was a part of me that really wanted it to be yours.” Then there’s Chuck’s weepy reaction.

And we’ve got Dan (Penn Badgley) and his book. He so desperately wants his anonymously-written Upper East Side tell all to go away, but he can’t get it done. And to make matters worse, a book agent got a hold of it, loves it and thinks someone else wrote it. So Dan can either claim ownership and talk to the publisher, or deny any involvement and watch his big break get stolen right out from under him. The outcome unfolds slightly differently that one might expect.

As predicted, Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) isn’t just using Nate (Chace Crawford) for sex, she using him for his connections to rebuild her publication as a scandal sheet. And he falls right into her trap like a wide-eyed kid that he is. The question is, now that he has a taste for tabloid journalism, will he embrace it? Only time will tell.

Such a busy week on “Gossip Girl” we didn’t even discuss Charlie/Ivy’s pending problem. But that will emerge more in the upcoming weeks.

Uh Oh. Uh Oh.

Posted by:David Eckstein