gossip-girl-blair-goes-ivy.JPG“Gossip Girl” was so good! Wow!

Blair ends up accidentally pretending to go to Columbia, and those girls from the Waldorf show that are all about her prod her into telling Gossip Girl about how Jenny was a drug dealer. This causes Nate to get on her about going back to her old ways — like Chuck is doing — and the girls figure out that she’s just pretending, so they are nasty to her. Then this guy randomly reveals that she actually is a Columbia student… Thanks to Chuck secretly applying for her way back last year.

Rufus and Will fight over Lily, while Jenny and Serena fight over the fact that Jenny is the worst. Eric tells Will off after giving him the breakdown — gay, suicide attempt — but Will goes out of his way to call Elliott and take Eric out on the town, so now Eric feels accepted or whatever. We’re trying to tell this in a not-confusing fashion, but it was a confusing episode, in the best possible way. One of those ones where you think, “Man, this episode’s so good and so much is happening that it must be nearly over” and it turns out it’s like only half over.

Meanwhile, everybody’s concerned about Chuck avoiding Lily due to her Illness, so Blair visits him and basically talks him into seeing her. There are some very Charlie-Chuck-Charles things that happen emotionally, and perhaps you cried. In the midst, Chuck and Jenny — who has recently been raiding Lily’s cabinets, whilst drug-dealing — figure out that something is hinky with the medicine Will’s been giving her for Illness. Of course, it doesn’t matter since Lily tosses Rufus out of the house for the night for acting like a jerk, and Rufus finds out about Jenny’s dealing and needs to exert some power, so that means all the Humphreys end up in DUMBO once again.

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