gossip girl chuck ed westwick red jumpsuit 1 'Gossip Girl': Chuck Bass in a red onesie, just becauseSometimes, you just need to look at pictures of the Chuck Bass, wearing a man-sized red onesie. On Monday’s episode of “Gossip Girl,” Chuck (Ed Westwick) and his bro-FF Nate (Chace Crawford) came in from a workout. Nate was dressed in typical rich-dude workout clothes, but Chuck. Oh, Chuck.

Your eyes do not deceive you. The best way to describe that apparel? It’s a zip-up cherry red onesie sweatsuit.

We’ve put up with a lot of Chuck’s fashion don’ts over the years — he tends to choose his clothes based on the label, not their actual street wearability. But this is a new low. What kind of friend is Nate, to ignore this egregious faux-pas? Friends don’t let friends run dressed like a giant baby!

chace crawford fat lip gossip girl 'Gossip Girl': Chuck Bass in a red onesie, just becauseOf course, it’s possible that Nate did try to convince Chuck to change, and got a fist to the face for it. Crawford has been rocking a heck of a swollen lip in recent episodes, since he fell on his face at a Miami party on New Year’s Eve. Whatever; we’ve all been there.

Other than these distractions, the episode hit all the right notes. Chuck and Blair being mature about their relationship, Serena finally getting herself into some interesting trouble, a Dan/Blair grand gesture, and the return of colored tights and headbands to the Met steps? Yes, please.

gossip girl chuck nate jumpsuit 'Gossip Girl': Chuck Bass in a red onesie, just becausegossip girl chuck red jumpsuit 2 'Gossip Girl': Chuck Bass in a red onesie, just because

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie