Leightonmeester Last week, wasn’t thrilled with “Gossip Girl,” as I stated in print: “Sigh. I’m sorry, I’m bored! I don’t care about Serena’s revolving door

of dumb boyfriends. The series needs to stick to its regular cast and

keep the action there.”

And yesterday, they totally did, and it worked. Was it not fun to watch Serena, Blair, Chuck & Nate run around New York City together with a common mission in mind? We got to see some of their long term drama play out amidst the drama of the week… and each story entertained.

First of all, love seeing Chuck and Nate both in love with Blair. Huge props to Leighton Meester for that stunning scene with the Basshole. When her eyes filled with tears, I actually believed she was bruised. Her pain over him was apparent.

As for the drama of the week, I found myself invested. Why? Because Poppy Lifton is a hateable character. You want to see her pay for what she’s done, no?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh