ed westwick bass 'Gossip Girl': Ed Westwick unhappy with Chuck Bass, looks for series to endThe CW drama “Gossip Girl” is all but assured a sixth season. But it appears that Ed Westwick, who plays the show’s chief troublemaker Chuck Bass, is kind of hoping it’s the show’s last.

Westwick tells TV Guide, “I feel like I’ve done everything! But I don’t write the show, so if they come up with something where I’m reading it and go, ‘Oh wait! We can do this. He can fly!’ then who knows.” And when asked whether the series should continue past next season, he simply says “no.”

Westwick, like the character he plays on TV, isn’t shy about expressing his opinions. He recently told TV Guide that he’s not terribly excited about the evolution of his character.

“I feel like the old Chuck was a playboy and that’s what I would have loved to have been,” Westwick says. “That’s like the fantasy for any young man, so it made him so much fun to play. Now he’s like a lovesick puppy. It’s like, dude!”

Of course the royal wedding is coming up on Monday (Jan. 30). And maybe, just maybe, he’ll convince Blair (Leighton Meester) to run off with him instead of Louis. Could you image a married Chuck?

Yeah. Neither can we.

Posted by:David Eckstein