gossip girl dec 5 chuck blair cw 'Gossip Girl': EP Josh Safran discusses Chuck and Blair's car crash, Ivy's identity crisisDuring the fall finale of “Gossip Girl,” viewers saw a future princess and a wealthy businessman get into a high-speed accident while being chased by the paparazzi. To many, this may have seemed like more than a passing reference to how Princess Diana died in 1997. But according to the “Gossip Girl” EP Josh Safran, that really wasn’t the case.

“I don’t really know if it fully entered our brains until later. I’m not
saying it wasn’t unconsciously there, but we were not looking to be
that event or disrespect that event,” Safran says. “We’ve actually been talking about an accident of that sort a long time because the paparazzi chase our actors around.”

Of course the question now isn’t whether Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) will survive (Safran admits they will), but what happens to their relationship and what does it mean for the royal wedding. On that matter, Safran was mum. He did, however, offer some insight into Charlie/Ivy’s (Kaylee DeFer) immediate future after she told Rufus (Matthew Settle) she’s not who the family thinks she is.

Safran says the van der Woodsen’s response to Charlie/Ivy’s admission “is dealt with in the first episode back [Jan. 16]…both whether they think she’s crazy, what they believe and how she reacts.”  He adds that the family “honestly want to believe [she’s part of the family] so much that they made it so. But I think what you will find is that the one person who isn’t so comfortable with them still believing is Ivy herself.”

In a couple of other tidbits, Safran notes that Billy Baldwin’s return as Serena’s father will extend into multiple episodes. While he won’t make Rufus’ life miserable, “he may piss off some other people.” Additionally, Safran says Elizabeth Hurley will reprise her role as Diana Payne, but not for a few more weeks.

Uh oh. Uh oh.
Posted by:David Eckstein