Gossip-Girl-Blair-Chuck.jpgThey love to plot and scheme … but they love each other more (at least for now). They are the deviously divine Chuck and Blair, and we dug up “Gossip Girl’s” plans for this scandalous pair when the show returns Monday, Mar. 8.

When we left off with the duo, Chuck had just spotted a mysterious woman at his father’s grave.

The show’s co-creator Stephanie Savage tells Zap2it’s Korbi TV that when the show comes back, the couple’s main story will be solving the mystery of who she is and why she was there. Savage adds, “They’re very much in each other’s lives and they have a very emotional story … where they solve this [multi-episode] mystery that I think audiences will really like.”

Fans won’t have to wait long to get another glimpse of the mystery lady. The first contact with her will be made in the Mar. 8 episode.

As for if Blair and Chuck will have any steamy love scenes, well, Savage says, “It’s very sexy.” Apparently all the “GG” couples are turning up the heat for the second half of the season, including the new Serenate pairing.

“GG’s” executive producer Josh Schwartz attended Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Males awards on Monday (Mar. 1) night, where he gave some additional hints about what fans can expect.

“Look for Blair to start questioning her NYU decision when we come back,” Schwartz tells New York Magazine. “Is she a downtown girl after all?”

Another interesting tidbit Schwartz dropped was that the “Gossip Girl” blogger will return to playing a much bigger role in the story telling.

Sounds like the “GG” blogger will have plenty of gossip to dish out for us. We can hardly wait … .

Tune in to The CW on Monday, Mar. 8 when “Gossip Girl” ends its three-month
and returns us to the scandalous lives of the Manhattan’s elite.

In the meantime, these tantalizing Chuck and Blair trailers should whet your appetite:

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