gossip girl finale chuck blair wedding 'Gossip Girl' finale recap: Two weddings, Chuck and Blair's kid, and the anonymous blogger's identity revealed“Gossip Girl” made its final bow on Monday night. First, The CW aired an hour-long retrospective, featuring interviews with the cast and creators and clips that served as a reminder of the show’s former glory.

Season 6 has been lackluster — focusing on people we don’t care about (Bart Bass, go away) and romance issues that should have been resolved years ago (Chuck and Blair wasn’t so much “will they or won’t they” as “when will they”). Still, “Gossip GIrl” was one of The CW’s flagship series and defined the network for many fans, and there’s no denying that when it was good, it was really good. We still watch that first Thanksgiving episode every so often. Seeing the cast discuss their early experiences in New York definitely hit our nostalgia buttons, and we even got a little misty at moments.

Following the retrospective, the series finale was jam-packed with drama. And so, here’s one final recap. Disgruntled as ever, obviously.

penn badgley gossip girl finale 'Gossip Girl' finale recap: Two weddings, Chuck and Blair's kid, and the anonymous blogger's identity revealed1. Bart Bass really died. Again. They used the same funeral arrangements from the last time he died. We don’t care. Pretty much no one cared. Even the police didn’t really care that much in the end.

2. Chuck proposed to Blair, thanks to a suggestion from Uncle Jack, to whom he once tried to sell Blair in exchange for a hotel. It was motivated by the fact that if they’re married, Blair doesn’t have to testify against Chuck. Super romantic, obviously. They got married while on the run.

3. William Van Der Woodsen dumped Ivy, because apparently he was in love with Lily. Zzzz.

4. Nate and his underage girlfriend did a bunch of dot-connecting in an effort to find out who Gossip Girl really is. It turned out to be pointless.

5. Dan told Serena about his early adventures as an Upper East Side outsider, including a few moments that occurred pre-Season 1. Penn Badgley even agreed to shave his head in order to preserve the authenticity of the flashbacks… though there was no saving Chace Crawford‘s hair. The flashbacks revealed how Dan got the idea to become Gossip Girl.

6. Yeah, Dan is Gossip Girl. Or at least, he was; now “Gossip Girl is dead,” apparently. It was revealed in a pretty convoluted manner, but it was fun. We got to peek in at several fallen “Gossip Girl” characters — Vanessa, Juliet, Agnes — as they learned the news. We even saw Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson getting the blast, as themselves, in an adorably tongue-in-cheek sequence that was absolutely the most delightful part of the finale. The most mind-blowing part of finding out Dan was Gossip Girl was
realizing the damage he’d done to his own sister’s reputation, but in
the end, it turned out that Jenny had been in on the joke, and that
Gossip Girl had helped her become her best self. Or something.
(Honestly, it was pretty shaky and involved a lot of ret-conning, and
giving Jenny way more credit than she probably deserved.)

8. Five years later, Dan and Serena got married. Nate turned the Spectator into an Empire and was considering running for Mayor. Chuck and Blair had a son named Henry. Jenny and Eric still existed and occasionally interacted with their families. Lily and William were, possibly, together, and it looks like Rufus had maybe hooked up with Lisa Loeb. No, seriously.

And Dorota still hadn’t gotten a promotion.

The end.

Your turn, “Gossip Girl” fans! Did you love it? Did you hate it? What worked? What didn’t? Chime in below in the comments section.

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