william baldwin getty 320 'Gossip Girl' finds Serena's dad: William BaldwinSerena’s mysterious, long-lost father will finally make an appearance on “Gossip Girl” in the spring, and the show has booked a very recognizable face to play him.

William Baldwin, late of “Dirty Sexy Money,” has signed on to play the heretofore absent father, The CW confirms to Zap2it. He’s scheduled to appear in several episodes of the series, most likely starting in April. “Gossip Girl” returns from its winter hiatus on March 8.

Serena (Blake Lively) has spent a significant portion of the season searching for her dad (when she wasn’t wrecking the marriages of newly elected congressmen), while unbeknownst to her until the show’s last couple of episodes, her mom Lily (Kelly Rutherford) had been secretly keeping letters from dad.

Baldwin played Patrick Darling on ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money”; his other recent credits include “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “The Squid and the Whale.”

And note to the “Gossip Girl” casting agents: well done. From a physical-resemblance standpoint, we can easily see Blake Lively being Baldwin and Rutherford’s child.

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