hil duff gg 'Gossip Girl': Is Hilary Duff returning for the finale?Is Olivia Burke taking a break from shooting the latest “Vampire Knight” installment (Nate’s favorite!) to make a quick pit stop on the Upper East Side in May?

Reports have been circulating that Hilary Duff will be reprising her role as Olivia Burke on “Gossip Girl” in the Season 4 finale. When we last saw her, Olivia was leaving the UES after realizing Dan (Penn Badgley) was in love with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) post-threesome. (Oh, the threesome. In the immortal word of Summer Roberts: Ew!)

So is it true? Is everyone’s favorite ex-Disney star returning to “GG”? Sorry to break it to you, Duff fans, but Zap2it has confirmed that she is not going to be in the finale.

Who can you expect to see return this season? Michelle Trachtenberg has been spotted on set so prepare yourselves for some Georgina Sparks craziness and Desmond Harrington is set to make his triumphant return as Jackass Bass.

Someone who is definitely set to appear in the finale is “10 Things I Hate About You” star Ethan Peck, who may just return in Season 5.

Zappers, are you bummed that Hilary Duff won’t be returning to the UES this season?

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