gg feb20 cw 'Gossip Girl': It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world

The overriding theme on Monday’s (Feb. 20) “Gossip Girl” is anger. Chuck is angry at Dan. Serena is angry at Blair. And the Real Charlie is angry at the Fake Charlie. Let’s review:

[Spoiler Alert]

Chuck and Dan: As much as Chuck (Ed Westwick) wants to pretend he’s over Blair (Leighton Meester) and he’s not even remotely miffed at Dan (Penn Badgley) for his Valentine’s Day smooch of Queen B, it’s quite clear that’s not the case. Mr. Bass is now focused on manipulating everything to his liking. Dan’s book proposal, and perhaps his entire literary career, is at stake. “You can’t win against me…You can’t even compete,” Chuck says. What are the chances this war is just getting started?

Serena and Blair: Who knew that Lonely Boy could be so popular? The kiss heard ’round the Upper East Side threatens to break up this long-lasting friendship. Despite Dorota’s best efforts, the two seem to be drifting apart. And when Serena (Blake Lively) catches Dan and Blair kissing again, it only made things worse. Blair tries to explain, but the detente isn’t going to last long.

Fake Charlie and Real Charlie: The storyline that was bound to explode did just that. Fake Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) met the Real Charlie (Ella Rae Peck). Then the family was told the entire story and chaos ensues. Lots and lots of chaos. Now Ivy (let’s just call her that from this point forward) has been thrown out of the mix. Charlie (the real one) has no interest in becoming part of the brood she never knew. But there’s a pretty good chance that will change once she finds out how much money is at stake.

Uh oh. Uh oh.

Posted by:David Eckstein